Earlier in the quarter, Advent Software announced that they would make all 62 catalog reports available free of charge to existing Axys users.  The reports are available from Advent’s connection website, and can be downloaded en masse.  Many of these reports will be useful to advisors, but the really good stuff – high-end custom reports – will still come at a cost, whether you get them from Advent or another vendor like ISITC.

Long-time Axys clients have been known to occasionally complain about a lack of recent and significant improvements to the Axys platform, so this move buys Advent relationship points at a very low relative cost.  Hopefully, this is a sign of more progressive client relationship building on Advent’s part, not a reaction to Axys clients saying, “What about us?”

Advent’s announcement also indicates that they will remove the ongoing maintenance fees associated with the catalog reports from their clients’ next invoice at the time of their renewal.  In speaking with one of my clients who renewed last week, we discovered that they had been charged for these reports.  Apparently, the onus is on Axys clients to double-check and make sure that any catalog report fees come off of their invoice.

In any event, Advent’s decision regarding their catalog reports is admirable, and bound to make Axys users smile.

About the Author:
Kevin Shea is President of InfoSystems Integrated, Inc. (ISI); ISI provides a wide variety of outsourced IT solutions to investment advisors nationwide. For details, please visit isitc.com or contact Kevin Shea via phone at 617-720-3400 x202 or e-mail at kshea@isitc.com.