Kevin Shea, the creator of AdventGuru, founder of Quartare, and past president of InfoSystems Integrated (ISI), started working with investment managers that use Advent Software products in 1988.  As an IT consultant, developer and blogger, he has helped hundreds of firms nationwide with systems development, implementation, workflow automation, application integration and reporting enhancements. He has also been instrumental in creating Advent interfaces for startup firms and large financial services firms that facilitate those firms’ ability to deliver their products to Advent users.

Kevin’s latest venture is Quartare, a business dedicated to assisting investment firms and industry players with consistent technology evolution and innovation.  In this role, Kevin drives new technology adoption and facilitates implementation; equally importantly, he also supports orphaned technology solutions until they can be replaced, revamped or made obsolete.  Quartare offers ad hoc consulting services as well as SaaS solutions that empower Advent users with tools and techniques developed over the past twenty-five years.

In his previous role as the president and principal consultant of ISI, he led a team of consultants providing outsourced IT and development to dozens of financial services firms in the greater Boston area.  Acting as a virtual CTO, Kevin regularly met with executives and key operations staff to address important issues such as security, new technology, compliance, reporting, integration, automation, development, infrastructure, implementation and contingency planning.

Kevin’s areas of expertise include IT, Development and Investment Operations. More specifically, he is a well-known Advent Software Subject Matter Expert (SME) with first-hand experience developing billing systems, sophisticated performance reports, reconciliation tools, Excel/Bloomberg automation, index blending, composite analysis systems, portfolio accounting system conversion programs, web portals, data extract tools, data warehouses, report packaging tools, trading tools, and an ever-growing assortment of client-facing investment analysis reports that work within the framework of Axys and APX.

For nearly three decades, Kevin has been a trusted advisor to many of Boston’s best financial institutions.  He is frequently tasked with managing critical technology issues and solving some of the most challenging problems that face financial services firms today – especially where Advent Software is concerned.  He has contributed regularly to the Advent User Group (AUG) and has been a featured presenter regarding technology for financial services firms at AUG meetings and industry conferences.

Quartare provides a wide variety of solutions to financial services firms nationwide.  To learn more about Quartare, please visit, contact Kevin Shea via phone at 617-720-3400 x202, or email Kevin at

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