June 17, 2015

Dear Blog Readers:

I am only one of many AdventGurus. I am sure there are others out there with some similar skill sets and experience, but none – to my knowledge – have shared so much about their experience with Advent Software.

In regard to this blog, you should note that the reality of my position as a long-standing but independent Advent consultant is that if Advent does well, I do well.  If they stumble, I do too.  Like Advent, their clients, and their technology partners, I suffer setbacks in the short-term and/or long-term if I do not adapt and change my services to appeal to what the marketplace wants.

I do my best to act as an advocate for Advent users.  And, like many Advent users out there, I need to constantly evaluate what Advent Software is doing today as it relates to the various Advent products I work with to make sure that I am focused on working with the right products for my clients – those that will support my business in the future.

This blog is a pet project, dedicated to sharing first-hand experiences I have had working in the financial services business with many Advent Software users.  There are thousands of Advent users out there with limited comprehensive technical resources to draw upon.  The blog aims to bring light to some of the more useful features and capabilities of Advent Software’s products, as well as other relevant information gleaned through working with my network of investment, operations, and technology professionals.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally to discuss any question you may have about the topics I cover here.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.